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Ace Commercial accounting software accounting software under Windows first and most Prkarbr in Iran. Accounting Software ACE has various versions for all occupations, including commercial firms, service companies, manufacturing companies, factories, shops and restaurants, is a special edition .

Commercial accounting software Ace has many features including the issuance of invoices, receivables and payables automatically with Czech maturity, financial reports and tax, value-added reports, quarterly reports of sales and management reports such as trial balance, balance sheet and profit losses, various reports from illegible product form of local number, customer account segregation creditor and debtor flows, issuance of document manually or automatically according to the mandatory cash register desk to connect to barcode reader, receipt printer and printer Export barcodes to store and eventually close the accounts for the financial year and the opening is completely automatic.

Operation factor:

Register sale touch

Official record sales invoice - order with a variety of keyboards and coding goods, quick goods, compatible with a variety of barcode Barcode  ; the possibility of creating an infinite queue delivery

The sales invoice (see, modify, delete, view invoice reform, zero the receipt number, analysis and display of goods per invoice earnings per product and factor (

Sign invoice (automatic increase of raw materials at the time of registration (

The purchase invoice (see, delete, modify   (

Sign Proforma

Sign factor Back from shopping

Sign factor for sales returns

The definition of order (weekdays, holidays, and special occasions (

Subscribers are defined and fixed accounts

Fixed orders and operations

Transfer of fixed orders (firm orders on the date specified)

Recorded firm orders (firm orders for registration of subscribers in certain cases)

Jack on delivery (possibility to prepare papers to inform and prepare the product delivery)

Final delivery orders (supply and export of auto sheet sales invoice)

Shipping operations:

Definition formulas, product (Ability to define unlimited products for workshops and manufacturing jobs to exit and automatic control of raw materials (

Definition formulas, raw materials (to increase inventories of raw materials at the time of purchase invoice)

Registration document production (sales and orders in order to inform the user of product data and product production and inventory control of raw materials

Calculate the price of the product (the ability to calculate the cost of goods of three different ways)


Document (registration Cash, Czech and remittances from individuals, employees, drivers, couriers and delivery boxes)

Payment document (record cash payment, Czech and checks issued against persons ;; employees, drivers, couriers and cost (

Account funds (to control the authorized users of each fund (

Employees account (registration document legal and practical documents)

Balance sheet

Driver account balance (possibility of reporting accounts of the debtor, the creditor)

Account persons (possibility of reporting accounts of the debtor, the creditor and the account with the ability to define the desired amount of accounts)

Account workers (possibility of reporting accounts of the debtor, the creditor (

Czech and banks:

Checks Received (separate checks available in the collection, passed, returned, and spent the cash received (

Payment checks (checks available resolution, passed, returned, and spent the cash received (

Banking operations (the cash deposit slips, bank card fees and bank (

Books flows

Report Rasgyry checks

Files from bank accounts controlled banks

Print Settings Czech (Czech printing on all types by selecting the desired font type and size of its Czech (


Reported sales turnover of goods on the basis of factors - Nalyzkamlkalaha

And the value of goods and raw material inventory reports

Report deficit in goods and raw materials

Lists the prices of goods on the basis of three types of pricing the customer is a customer of the partner

According to the flow of goods and raw materials and individual subscribers

Summary reports dealing with (the possibility of dealing in a certain timeframe and separate statistics on delivery (

According to sales figures (to report in a certain timeframe, the invoice number and receipt number and the delivery (

Report of factors (checking credit factors, cash, balances with, discount and expense posts)

Monthly performance charts (graphical representation factors for sales, purchases, costs, profits daily, monthly, and from the beginning of the period (

Basic settings, define users and permissions settings automatically duplication; hardware including Caller ID device CallerID ; order the Pocket PC PocketPC and the possibility of ordering online Web base ...)

Operation fiscal years (Fiscal Years definition, arbitrary transfer documents, select the desired fiscal year)

The definition of the Fund (the record unlimited funds and it allowed the user's choice)

The definition of goods and services

Design printed form factor (the ability to custom design an unlimited number of sales invoice, to any printer and paper)

Information services (to copy manually on Memory Stick Flash Memory and any desired direction)

Reconstruction of information (to restore data in the event of power fluctuations vulnerability)

SMS Operation SMS ( possibility of designing algorithms for service or sales services for SMS)

Operation Queue Line ( possibility to create unlimited queue and goods related to its definition

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