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Ace meetings management software aimed at simplifying and automating the congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, meetings, workshops and conventions has been developed by Ace Computer Center.

Conference Management is responsible for meeting with ACE can create an unlimited number of conference and an unlimited number of workstations and entry and exit of customers in each control station.You can also specify and control services provided to guests.

Ability to design and print cards for clients, guests, journalists, exhibitors, speakers, Group Executive Management and the Board of Directors of the other features of the ACE Conference.

Among the features of this software can include:


Settings:The settings include a name, address and telephone number of the company's initial name, password and address of the database is defined.


Conference registration in this new conference can be recorded.Defining a new conference record in the name of Congress, the Executive Director and Secretary of the Conference and phone numbers and address the conference.Set a default card also designed the conference.

Conferences operations:

Conferences are defined in this section can be based on parameters such as the quality of the code, the name of the conference as well as the start and end of the meeting were reported.As well as modify existing reports or eliminated.


This can be used for guests, reporters, Group Executive, Board of Directors, speakers, exhibitors and other guests and members card designs or edit existing cards.It should be noted that there is no limit on the number of cards designed.


In this window you can define new services or services that are available to edit.


The window can be defined stations or edit and delete existing stations.Guests will be arriving and departing from the stations in each guest or member can be limited to a particular station's traffic.


This can be an infinite number of user defined or edit and delete existing users.Also users access to different parts of the program can be limited.

New registration:

Here we register guests.Guest registration process for producing a barcode number and a barcode on the card by printing the entry and exit of visitors traveling guests and service stations controlled by barcode reader.The user authentication window could also be limited to specific stations and dedicated service to the user include the name, number and price to be determined.Other features set the password for the user, the registration fee payment and registration fee can be named.
user registration and user registration will be stored for future reporting.


This will display a list of all registered users.The users can be registered on the basis of parameters such as event code, event name, card type, card number, title, name, date of registration and reporting was.As well as modify existing reports or eliminated.

Registration services:

In this window services provided to each guest match.During registration, the number of authorized service usable by the guest (in Windows or register Register for guests is defined.) Compared with the services received.Note: There may record additional services for guests. 

Operations Services:

In this window services can be provided to guests by name and conference ID, status, name and service code name and code on the card and guest services were reported.You can also delete the services provided, or the list of services output was Excel.

Check and spending:

Arrival and departure of guests from the station entrance and exit windows in the match.If the guest is not allowed to enter the station's warning message is issued.

The entry and exit:

The arrival and departure of the guests list is displayed.Such authentication can be based on the (entry or exit), station name, code name and the date of entry or exit cards were reported.We could enter or exit the new, delete, or edit a record and the number of times a guest at the seminar of the other features of this part.

Management Control Center:

The conference center management control the overall situation currently displayed.The number of attendees at the stations, the number of traffic stations, guests registered deleted, or Iranian foreign guests, see the service and the number of each of the services provided, as well as additional services presented in this section can be viewed simultaneously .

Guests List window time:

This window can be present in the list of guests at the seminar on all stations or a specific station to be observed.

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