AAC Call Control Software

AAC Call Control Software

Software programming language Visual Basic under Windows call Control soperating system, designed and manufactured and installed on Windows operating systems that support its Persian language.

It provides the ability to connect and communicate with Panasonic PBX, Siemens and...there.

Application software:

Given that this software is designed to control phone calls,The ability to manage up to all calls made and the duration of their working set to be controlled eliminates many unnecessary phone calls control (personal) is the use of this software will be a significant impact in reducing the cost of telephone Dasht.az with respect to a wide variety of reports that the program offers the optimal use of management from phones to set your work will bring.

Call Control ACE program also calculates the charging data(charging), Bylynk(billing)and the amount of its domestic calls.

The software features:

  • Among the features of this software are as follows:
  • Under Windows
  • Ability to run on the network
  • Connect with PBX phone centers
  • Report by Telephone
  • The report is based on contact hours
  • Report based on the number line
  • Group Performance Report
  • According to the Department of            
  • A personal code
  • According to internal authentication
  • Trafyktryn full report and internal line
  • According to the most expensive and internal line
  • Internal performance reporting
  • Definition rates
  • Calculate the amount of time and conversation
  • Phonebookpublic phones
  • Partner phones
  • Private phones
  • Managinguser-defined
  • The user's access
  • Various graphs
  • Removal or replacement of the reported calls from PBX

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