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AAC Restaurant Management Software:

ACE management software can be used in all restaurants, recepRestaurant stion halls, hotels and hotel apartments, predecessors and all public and private centers and similar locations. The software has quite advanced accounting program is the possibility to manage that with full confidence and better able to control and manage your collection.

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Software programming language Visual Basic under Windows operating system, designed and manufactured and installedon Windows operating systems that support its Persian language.

Software features:   

  • Among the features of this software are as follows:
  • Ability to run on the network
  • The software can be run on the network is capable with an unlimited number system.
  • Under Windows
  • The defining feature titles
  • The definition of the product / delete product
  • Introduction and customers / correction person / Remove person

Through this the user can deal with the customers and the people who define or delete and correct.

  • The ability to automatically identify common customers in the restaurant when calling (caller id)

Software Restaurant Ace throughCaller ID hardwaredesigned by the center's visibility and ultimately identify the subscriber phone subscribers restaurant in contact with the restaurant should be noted that this action will speed up action on the user's telephone service will be.

  • Set list of costs / definition Fund

The cost of other items that the system is working And considering it is inevitable accounting matters  Therefore, the application defines it in terms of cost and is capable of paying and receiving.

  • The definition of funds

After defining the users who are allowed to use this software, you can define for each user box until the user is working with the application of all amounts received or paid to the fund He paid for.This will handle the receipts and payments will be more accurate and more convenient.

  • Print Settings

Among the unique features of the software user's ability to customize and design a variety of factors, sales in the simplest way possible.

  • Register sale

Due to the speed, accuracy and simplicity of record sales factor is very important, so the software is designed in such a way that the user Ace restaurants in the least possible time and can easily record and print sales invoice.

  • The sales invoice (View / Modify / Delete invoice)

Control user performance on factors which contains documents, modify and delete the other capabilities of the software is easy cleaning.

  • Visit invoice (View / Modify / Delete invoice)

Control user performance on factors which contains documents, modify and delete the other capabilities of the software is easy cleaning.

  • Define the terms of the sales factor

To add a specific description can be a factor under the provisions of the above factors and it is designed to be printed on the invoice.

Accounting includes:

  • Receive / pay

To record all receipts and payments in cash or Czech restaurant can be.

  • Operation of checks received / paid

   Czech deposit account / pass the Czech / Back / Back to customer and...

  • List incoming Czech (Czech record / Czech modify / delete Czech)

View all checks received and payments and control of the pass, the Back eat, back to the customer...and also to recording operations, delete and modify data from a Czech Other features of this software.

Reports include:

  • According to the flow of goods

Through the circulation of a report user can view the report.

  • List price reports

In addition to the user through the report, you can see the prices recorded for the customer or co-worker can press the button to print the report as published price lists and contracts customers or colleagues.

  • According to the flow of goods by one

Through this report, you can turn a particular item or all items at a specified interval with each of our customers is traded on the 

  • Inventory Report

 Through this report, the user can at any moment in the course of any of the goods placed.

  • Report Ordering

The goods that reached the point of order and should proceed to buy it to show.

  • Report debtors-creditors

Report account debtors or creditors with their account details Other features of this software.

  • Fund flows

Through this report, the user can at any time during the turnover and the amount of funds used.

  • According to the bank account turnover

Turn the bank account defined in the application displays.

  • According to the Bank's control
  • Bill
  • Report sequential persons

In this bill the way people-including creditor, debtor or no account be displayed.

  • Report breakdown

The parties split the bill-including creditor, debtor or  no account be displayed.

  • Report arrange the room (hotel management software)

The software version used the hotel restaurant for hotel guests the option of purchasing the report shows.

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