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AAC online monitoring system

Since the absence of a comprehensive software in the field of monitoring smanagement agencies, taxi was always so sensible Ace Computer Center since 1382 due to the gap in this regard to provide the software that the experience of the 11-year Ace Taxi Service acquisited leading to the completion of the application and convert it as a reference application is sent so that now we honor the holy city of Mashhad, about 400 agencies in our service.The increasing development of technology and the provision of new services on its platform to the design and launch of a new idea and along with the technology of our world.What follows are some of the features of this system is referred to.

This project aims to improve the management of urban and suburban transport services have been designed and implemented.The system allows to manage not only to observe the moment each driver always through software installed on the phone with his driver two-way communication is based on the Internet.

Monitoring system consists of two software:

Software First:that the agency installed on the computer and through which management can also communicate with the server system via the map view and the position of all drivers registered in the system.

Application II:driver installed on the phone and this allows the driver to the agency through which the computer is connected, so that the user can specify Agency common after calling on the phone driver Post After receiving the service and the driver on the phone, the service done and in the end the amount of service without going through an application to the Agency Afzargvshy registration and re-queued and ready for the next service.

The main achievements of the project mentioned above are as follows:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduce additional traffic and reduce traffic driver
  • Large parking problem agencies
  • Time management and value to customers and drive time
  • Failure to service the debt if the driver of the Agency
  • Enhance the security of passenger and driver
  • View driver traveled routes in the past
  • See where the moment the driver in the city
  • the possibility of attracting service back on track
  • and ...

Ace monitoring software first plan:

Features: Ability to view the driver's position on the map by the director of the agency                                                                          

Prerequisite software without the need for any software taxi, for possible independent monitor driver software is provided.

Row software Amount (in £) Comments
1 Ace Monitoring Software 2,000,000 Buy a basic setup
2 Software Mobile version Free Free
3 Providing services for every driver on a monthly basis 30,000 Monthly payment

For example, the initial setup cost for the Agency in the first month with a total of 10 driver, software purchases amounted to 2,000,000 integral monitoring "and cost of services amounted to 300,000 crackles l is for 10 drivers in the following months only amounted to 300,000 crackles 0 for providing services to drivers, is Pradkht. Obviously, if the number of drivers will increase the amount of services.

Monitoring Software Ace second plan:


1. Ability to view driver location on the map by Mdyrazhans

2. Sending service on the phone via software drivers Agency

3. Ability to view the status of the detected position of the driver and service are waiting for service, are fueling or the passenger route

4. Ability to missionary service through the phone by the driver

5. exchange of messages between the driver and agencies

6. Ability to view account balances driver by the driver via phone software

7. The non-delivery of service to the driver if he owed to the Agency

8. In turn placed driver after the registration fee auto service

9 and .....

Prerequisite software: Install a version of software on the system Ace Taxi Service Agency

Note: The agencies currently a software professional version of Ace Taxi Service or to use their special need to provide it again (rows in a table below) do not.

Row software Professional Edition Special Edition Comments
1 Pro Ace Taxi Service 2,000,000 2,500,000 Choose one of the two versions
2 Ace Monitoring Software 2,000,000 Buy a basic setup
3 Software Mobile version Free Free
4 Providing services for every driver on a monthly basis 70,000

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