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:Software Storage

Software Storage mode all the time prodstoreg sucing raw materials to final product delivery time to the customer based on Gyrd.sytm warehouse bar code achieves the accuracy of the information (without interruption) is.This feature set enables to reduce inventory levels and subsequently reduce storage costs.One of the main advantages of warehouse automation, reduction in storage transactions (eg inventory management) is.Thus, by improving productivity, labor costs will also be reduced.

Some of the benefits and features Storage Software Ace:

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of data entry
  • The ability to define levels of access for different users of the system
  • To minimize operational errors and information
  • All information for the inventory, to be precise, error-free and high-speed will be available.
  • To identify suppliers and record data in the system
  • Sign exact number of incoming and outgoing l Sral at any moment of the purchase price or the average number of local storage at various time intervals, will be investigated.
  • Ability to calculate the amount of storage reliability and consumer values ​​in the order
  • Returned goods report plus a single reason to buy
  • To identify and trace the product in the warehouse and after sales
  • Registration allows authentication to be fully mechanized
  • Record all results of quality control material to storage
  • Quick and easy Anbargrdany
  • To provide leaves of output (draft) items electronically and print it for loading

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