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in the operation of all hotel guests are associated with prediction and implemented.Airline operations, compliance, funds, information, laundry, restaurant, coffee shop, room service, parking, sports complex, swimming pool, sauna, hotel housekeeping, hotel management, accounting, hotel, hotel facilities, hotel ceremonies, hotel phone some of these is.For convenience with better learning software and other operations, such as home,
puts PBX, the Fund accepted definitions of different currencies, the definitions of different languages, and so it is designed.

 ♦ some functionality Ace Hotel Front Office program:

be connected to the PBX system (PBX)

guests separate phone and insert them in their bills

intentional and unintentional mistakes highest control and tracking user

The hotel staff dealing with the Fund

The ability to copy the data and restore data

◊ Windows

◊ the ability to run on the network

Ability to upload Places

acceptance operations:

Guest Reception


accepting cases booked

cancel acceptance

◊ reform reception

◊ transfer guests

◊ Cancellation of report

◊ report transfers

◊ printed acceptance form

◊ temporary occupancy room

Operation Guests:

◊ bills Guest

◊ account transfers to persons

◊ transfer the account to another party

◊ receive from visitors

◊ pay to guest

◊ coffee shop

◊ Search guest

◊ service to guests

◊ all services

◊ bills based on the code card (group)


◊ define individual coding

◊ payment or receipt of persons,

◊ pay

◊ pay to guest

◊ receive from visitors

◊ transfer to another room guest account

◊ Transfer the Guest account to entities (agencies)

◊ pay staff salaries

◊ accepting funds transfer to fund

♦ Operation Room:

◊ Reserverooms

◊ repair room

◊ cleaning room

◊ reported to book a room

◊ canceled room service

◊ canceled room reservations

Report cleaning room

◊ record room service

♦ Reservations:

 ◊rooms (with warranty and certain timeframe)

◊ reserve team (in a certain time interval, displays the date and reserve your empty rooms within the warranty)

◊ Gantt Chart Room (room status at a glance-graphic)

♦ coffee shop:

◊ service to guest (guest service, service or product definition and the entry and exit of goods, enabling service purchased and registered guests in the guest billing, order hotel staff and persons)

◊ all services (list all guest services, authentication services)

♦ Management:

◊ basic settings (setting the room charge, defined daily hours cheetah, registered logo on the home page, select the Print tab, define the time allowed Remove acceptance form, charge extra people, manual record date system (the tax and taxes arbitrary percentages in Billing guests)

room settings (defined types of rooms and choose the desired color, free of charge registration price)

◊ encoding settings accounts for automatic posting of accounting documents

◊ Dictionary vocabulary

◊ Category Guest

◊ currency settings

◊ user management (user registered with customized access levels)

◊ copy data automatically when entering and exiting the application

◊ restore data

◊ Show room status at a glance

◊ Report User Functionality

◊ defined user access levels

• Accommodation and Catering Services 


◊ version receipt issuance of (ordinary)

◊ version accounting (professional)

◊ version + Cost Accounting (Special)

♦ Telecommunications (choice of call center software call control mode developed by the company and links with other software reports unauthorized phones)

♦ room service:

♦ Landry(defined Kdyng·hay laundry service, reception and billing, receiving and billing, delivery or cancellation of the bill, the report details cases of non-delivery, non-delivery receipt report reported total operation)

♦ Cafe (The use of the Internet by guests and the amount spent on bills guests)

♦ Sports (defined coding, swimming pool and sauna, a collection of sports, games, and..., record the amount on the bill guests, billing entry to the pool, out of the pool or revocation of billing, detailed reports of undelivered bills, bill delivery report or not people in the pool, the total performance of the pool)

♦ Trust Fund:

♦ Archive guests(to define coding Archive documents, receiving documents, back documents, fine report documents cases of non-delivery, non-delivery report, receipts, delivery receipts and lists)

♦  Parking(defined Cars-Search by car, plate, table of guests resident)

♦ information(sites, cultural heritage and handicrafts and tourism)


◊ Registry of works

◊ contacts (phone, public, private, peer)

◊ calculator

◊ definition letterhead printed reports and invoices Guest

◊ record violations Guest (blacklisting), (coding violations, reporting violations registered)

◊ the user

◊ change password

♦ Report 1:

◊ reported Phone

 ◊expense report

◊ reported Places

◊ Persons Report

Municipal report

◊ financial reports rooms

◊ all rooms booked report

◊ number of guests per day

◊ resident guests

♦ reports 2:

◊ reports Rooms

◊ reported enteringand leaving the service

◊ generally receive payment report

◊ reports and details

◊ Coffee Sales Report

◊ Report User Functionality

◊ restaurant sales report

◊ report the number of daily guests

reports Rooms (graph)

Reporting Services

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