Name: Aliali farahbod

Surname: Farahbod

Date of Birth: 1357

Study: Master of Mechanical Engineering Major Energy Conversion

Training courses are:

  •  Education, reading notes and playing the piano 3 years.
  •  Speed ​​reading skills and memory enhancement.
  •  Check knowledge of English classes (former glory) in 1373.
  •  Hydraulics 1382 certificate.

Completed projects :

  • Project sales, shipping, payroll and emerald plants using programming language forqbasicthe operating systemdos(1370).
  • Calculate the heat load and software under Windows (1377).
  • Calculation of the flame in the combustion chamber in order engine research company Iran Khodro and presentation software version under Windows (1378).
  • The hotel was run the software under Windows for the first time (1378).
  • Solar chimney power plants and analysis software under Windows (1379).
  • Analysis and Calculation of turbine blades and presentation software (1379).
  • Extensive research on entropy and its effect on heat transfer (1379).
  • Computer-assisted image processing (the ability to recognize handwritten numbers) (1379).
  • Installing of software projectsskf(1380).
  • Study and presentation of models of combustion (1380).
  • Energy auditing eight industrial plants in Mashhad city (1382).
  • Video processing and amplification area and detection of movement (1382).
  • Implementation of research project titled stimulation by a combination of jet and boundary layer and its effect on heat transfer coefficient and a flat screen (1382).
  • Study and project fingerprint recognition for security purposes (1383).
  • Implementation of accounting software, storage, and network salary (1383).
  • Connect with PBX phone system software under the Windows operating system Ace phone report (1383).
  • Offering several communication projects (answering machine, call recording, IVR, etc.)


  • Shahid Bahonar University undergraduate graduates of the first rank.
  • Presentation and published an article in the Tenth Annual Conference of the International Mechanical Engineering with Study on heat transfer entropy production of flat screen (page 1386) (1381).
  • Presentation and published an article in the eleventh International Conference of Mechanical Engineering as:assessment of combustionmodeling for prediction of turbulent non-premixed flames(page 94) (1382).
  • Presentation and paper at the Second International Conference on Energy Conservation in Buildings as: Analysis of alternative energy: solar and wind machine brick factory, part of Emerald (page 1121) (1381).


  • Teaching softwareworking model at the University of Kerman.
  • Teaching programming,visual basic in the Faculty of Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.
  • Industrial Mechanics and Teaching at the University of Applied Science.
  • Electricity teaching physics at the University of Applied Science.

 Administrative records: 

  • Secretary of the Association of Mechanical Engineering for 2 years.
  • Designer and operator of the first Exhibition of Mechanical Engineering in Kerman (Kerman University of Appreciation from the head).
  • The executive responsible for the eleventh meeting of the International Conference of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Manager of the company's technical workshop machinery men.
  • Director of the Center computer expert Ace.
  • Vice president of East automation.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Consulting and implementation of projectsin theindustrial automation world with modern facilities.
  • Consulting and project implementationof thethermal fluid.
  • Windows programming invisual basic   (more than 7 years experience).
  • Complete domination and control communications hardware and computer programming port.
  • Chapg ability to repair and servicing ofthelaser and acupuncture (more than 3 years of experience).
  • Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software devices laptopnotebook(more than 3 years of experience).
  • Monitor and troubleshoot their understanding of the structure of power.
  • The ability of web design and programming.
  • The ability to run computer networks and network programming.
  • Proficiency courses of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Programming languages ​​teaching abilities,visual basic,basic quick, Windows operating systems, complexofficecomputer.
  • Familiarity with specialized softwareworking model, autocad,ansys, fluent, maple, mechanical, matlab,...
  • Interested in the subject and research projects

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